Our Services

We have a specialized repair expert for just about any and every problem you could possibly be having with your gear.

Our Guitar Shop is adept at all phases of Guitar and Bass repair. From simple Setups to major issues such as Neck & Headstock repair, on-board electronics, Vibrato systems, and general problem solving.

Across the way you will find the Electronics Department. Three technicians, all vacuum tube specialists, have you covered. A quick re-tube and bias set, or major overhaul to restore your amplifier to the pristine tone that you covet.

It doesn’t end there…
Power Amplifiers, Powered speakers, Mixers, DJ Gear, Snakes and Accessories.

Effect Pedals, repair and modification. From the basic to the esoteric. We have an in-house specialist.

In the Keyboard Lab…

Electro/mechanical repairs on Synthesizers, Electronic Pianos and Controllers. Expertise on USB connectivity, Processor and Supply issues, along with key bed replacement and overhaul.

All of our technicians are either current or former performing musicians.

We Get It…You need Performance, Reliability and Attention to Detail from a service facility. These attributes along with our pledge to fix your gear promptly and cost effectively has created a returning customer base of professional, recreational and student musicians over the years.


  • Frets, Nuts and Saddles
  • Pickups and Electronics
  • Tuners, Bridges, Hardware
  • Acoustic Guitar Repairs
  • Action and Intonation

Let us make your guitar play great! Call to make an appointment for Same Day Service


Amp Repair
Guitar, Bass, Keyboard and Power Amps. Vintage to State-of-the-Art and Boutique amplifiers. Vacuum tube, solid state & hybrid technology. We regularly work on the newest and hottest amps used by many of New England’s and the Nation’s most accomplished professional musicians.

Consumer Electronics
Hi Fi, Video, CD, Cassette.


Keyboard repairs are performed on-site.
Digital Pianos – Synthesizers – Controllers

We service all major brands including Yamaha, Korg, Nord, Roland, Casio

Common Repairs:

  • Power DC input connectors
  • Keys – missing or broken
  • Key contacts, PCBs
  • Processors
  • USB problems
  • Audio stage repairs
  • Display issues
  • Headphone jacks

Overhaul including electro-mechanical repair, cleaning, felts and preventative maintenance.

Pro Audio

Mixers, power amps, passive and active speaker enclosures, wireless microphones, DJ gear and accessories.

Effect Pedals
We specialize in pedal repairs and modifications. All brands welcome.

Multi -track, DAT and ADAT, Open Reel, Sound Processors, Mixing Consoles.